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MJinfotec partnering with the global best companies providing the flexibility of off-shoring and on-shoring, English/Arabic customized eLearning solutions which can be built and implemented at customer site along with the trainings and support provided.

MJinfotec provides end-to-end eLearning services, with strong focus on creating custom learning courses for cost effective prices without compromising on quality. We design course templates and work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create customized professional quality training programs. We focus on needs assessment, content development, course/media development, implementation and distribution. We have the ability to work on projects 24 X 7 and also enjoy a reputation for fast turnarounds.

We have trained and experienced Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, and Developers available to help you in every phase of e-learning development. Our experienced professionals brainstorm together to develop creative and effective learning courses for WBT's, CBT's and ILT's. Maintaining AICC and SCORM standards, we provide cutting edge solutions that amalgamate well into the eco-system of our clients and provide maximum benefits to our clients.

MJinfotec is an end-to-end IT solutions provider distinguished by:

» Numerous successful projects

» Highly motivated and dedicated team

» Customer-centric

» Increased ROI

» ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system in place

» State-of-the-art infrastructure and technology

» Real time resource acquisition capability

» Business growth primarily through client referrals


A broad spectrum of technical expertise enables MJinfotec IT to provide enterprise class e-learning solutions. MJinfotec has worked with and researched numerous technologies and methodologies. As new technology enters the market, we continuously gear up for this new technology.

Our technical expertise include the following:

» Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MAC

» Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle

» Server Side/Front End programming: ASP, .NET, C#, Cold Fusion MX, PHP, VB

» Scripting Language: JavaScript , VBScript, Flash Action Script, VBA

» Markup Language: HTML, DHTML , XML, XSL, XSLT, RIXML

» Other Tools: UML

» Testing Tools: WinRunner, LoadRunner and SilkTest

» Design Tools: Photoshop, Flash, Corel Draw, Dream Weaver, Illustrator, Flex

Why MJinfotec: Our core business is:

» Our flexible design and development methodologies enable implementation of change requirements within shortest time

» Leveraging the reusability of components to save time and costs

» Improved customer service through our minimal turnaround time

» Reduced design and development costs

» Flexibility of our people has addressed the time and distance issues of the client

» ISO 9001:2000 certified and follows process implementation methodology

» Having large pool of eLearning professionals with diverse background and skill sets

» Quick ramp-up (manpower and infrastructure) capability

» A highly interactive environment for learning that transforms learning into fun

Instructional Design

Designing the course information in a simple step-by-step manner is important in the development of e-learning solutions. Our instructional design team starts with an in-depth understanding of the training needs and the nature of the audience to deploy high end methodologies into the development of courses. We develop the courses stage by stage using easy navigational sequence and structure throughout the course content. Our learning objectives are performance-based and reflect measurability.

Custom Course Creation

MJinfotec has enough potential in designing, developing and deploying customized eLearning courses. Using a consultative approach we understand the unique needs of each client and enhance the effectiveness of the learning programs. We have well over one hundred fifty thousand man-hours experience in developing online courses and Learning Objects for different segments.

We have trained and experienced Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, and Developers available to help you in every phase of e-learning development. Our experienced professionals brainstorm together to develop creative and effective learning courses for WBT's, CBT's and ILT's. Maintaining AICC and SCORM standards, we provide cutting edge solutions that amalgamate well into the eco-system of our clients and provide maximum benefits to our clients.

To create interactive, interesting and high quality course content

MJinfotec uses :

» State-of-the-art multimedia technology

» Sound instructional design principles and pedagogy

» Realistic graphics and animations

» 2D/3D Simulated learning tools for creating engaging courses

» Courses with SCORM, AICC standards

» Multi-language content development expertise

Content development with SME interaction

Our Instructional designers follow sound instructional design principles and pedagogy. They interact with Subject Matter Expert (SME) to meet clients' design objectives, goals, style guidelines, and writing and learning standards. Through a well-structured methodology, MJinfotec captures the knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SME). MJinfotec instructional designers then work on course structuring. We adhere to SCORM standards in all our custom course development projects.

Simulation and Gaming

Simulations and games are an effective method of delivering measurable knowledge through the use of interactive and fun learning tools. The first challenge for any training programs is to engage the audience. Our design approach focuses on motivational strategies. To create compelling training experience, we strike a balance between training technology, graphics and game play. Our developers capitalize on the fun factor to design an interactive, engaging and exciting course that not only deliver the knowledge effectively, but also keeps the audience coming back for more.

We develop simulations that are useful in understanding the concepts and fundamental ideas related closely related to a topic, being able to experiment with a topic or a particular aspect of it. We provide game-based learning objects and simulations that enhance the learning experience so that users can get the most out of the training sessions. The objective is to stimulate and motivate people through active participation, emotional involvement and colorful learning tools. All our games and simulations are designed by a group of technologists and subject matter experts.

Assessments and Testing

Assessments and Tests designed by MJinfotec for comprehensive e learning programs addresses the pre-learning, learning and post-learning needs of the learners. It helps the learners to prove their understanding; and the instructor to assess the learner's expertise on a subject and certify them through an automated assessment process. Based on these assessments you can also identify training needs and areas of improvement.

Our subject matter experts first create the blueprint for question sets with details about number of questions allocated to each topic, complexity of questions according to Bloom's Taxonomy, and type of questions, each mapping to the test requirements. Our content writers then create questions following the guidelines provided for instructional strategies.

Learning Performance Management

We work with management teams to ensure that learning initiatives are aligned with management vision.

MJinfotec adopts the following steps:

» Assess the current state of maturity on training metrics and alignment with business indicators

» Help management team discover key linkages from learning strategy to the company's business strategy

» Use the Balanced Scorecard framework, customized to the specific requirements of training organizations, as an effective tool

Graphics and Animations

To make the learning easier, Complex content can be presented with the help of graphics and animations. A picture is a worth of thousand words. Hence, using visuals in presenting the content is one of the best ways to make your audience see what you are visualizing.

We have a highly skilled and creative team of graphic designers and animators, who can create anything that can be dreamt or imagined. Our professional multimedia graphics designers develop custom animations to complement your company needs. We have the skills to design and develop simple and effective e-Learning solutions using animations and illustrations. These solutions can be delivered on CD-ROMs and/or also be deployed on the web or intranet.

Flash animation enables you to add motion and music to your message and make the user's experience more interactive. Our expert designers and animators use the latest design tools to produce realistic animations by applying appropriate textures, lightings, realistic movements and music that match to standards of some of the top animation companies.

Learning Module Transformation

In current market scenario, the continuous changing business needs makes it indispensable to remain updated and innovative. A comprehensive training and learning session is therefore required that keeps employees engaged and abreast on changing world trends.

MJinfotec uses a combination of automated technology and services to quickly migrate courses to a standards-based e-Learning platform. MJinfotec's compelling Learning Module Transformation transforms the present and already executed in house training programs to an enhanced interfaced online learning. Organizations that have an extensive library that needs modifications or migration can avail our comprehensive technology based solutions. By using the highest standards of instructional design and development processes we transform an outdated piece of learning into an effective and current piece of learning. The transformation is based on three key axes of learning effectiveness - Content, Delivery and Technology. Transformation is aimed at increasing the effectiveness and value of learning units.


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